Koa Coffee Reviews – Is KOA a Best Coffee?

koa coffee reviews


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In 1997, Koa Coffee started as a small family business. Over the years, our hand-picked Kona Coffee has won the coveted Gevalia Cupping Competition, PCCA Coffee of the Year, we were featured in Forbes “Top 10 Coffees of the World” and we made Forbes’ “50 of America’s Best” as the “Best Coffee in America.” With much Mahalo to our friends and our loyal customers, Koa Coffee has grown and continues to grow.

Koa Coffee is a brand that sells 100% Kona coffee. Koa Coffee 100% Kona is legit and has a rating of 90 out of 100. It has a smooth, fruity taste and is medium-roasted. The review also mentions that there are a lot of fake Kona coffee out there but this one is the real deal. Another review from a customer mentions that Koa Coffee is named by Forbes as being America’s Best Tasting Coffee. However, it is expensive

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What is Koa Coffee all about?

Koa Coffee is a true embodiment of Hawaiian coffee excellence. If you’re a coffee connoisseur seeking the finest brews without compromise, Koa Coffee delivers the true taste of Aloha. Here’s what makes Koa Coffee special:

  1. Premium Hawaiian Coffee: Koa Coffee produces premium Hawaiian coffee that’s hand-picked, expertly roasted, and delivered directly from Hawaii to your doorstep. No blends, no shortcuts—just pure, exceptional coffee.
  2. Award-Winning Quality: Since 1997, Koa Coffee has been synonymous with utmost quality. Their 100% Kona Coffee, grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano, has garnered accolades such as the Gevalia Cupping Competition and the PCCA Coffee of the Year. Forbes even dubbed it the “Best Coffee in America”.
  3. Variety and Freshness: From the rich and smooth Grande Domaine Kona Coffee to the secret blend of Private Reserve Kona Coffee, Koa Coffee offers a delightful range. They also explore unique beans like the Mokka beans of Maui.
  4. True Aloha: Koa Coffee’s commitment to quality extends beyond the beans. With every cup, you experience the spirit of Aloha—the warmth, hospitality, and love that define Hawaiian culture.

So, if you’re ready to savor the essence of Hawaii in every sip, explore Koa Coffee’s offerings and let your taste buds embark on a flavorful journey! 🌺☕



What is the difference between Peaberry and other coffee beans?

Certainly! Let’s explore the difference between Peaberry coffee beans and other regular coffee beans:

  1. Peaberry Coffee Beans:
    • Shape: Peaberries are unique because they are round and small, unlike the typical flat-sided coffee beans.
    • Origin: Peaberries result from a natural mutation where only one seed develops inside the coffee cherry instead of the usual two. This single seed becomes the Peaberry bean.
    • Flavor: Due to their distinct shape, Peaberries often have a more concentrated flavor. Some describe it as brighter, sweeter, or even more intense than regular beans.
    • Roasting: Peaberries can be roasted similarly to regular beans, but their shape affects how they absorb heat during roasting.
    • Sorting: They are usually sorted out during processing because of their unique appearance.
  2. Regular Coffee Beans (Non-Peaberry):
    • Shape: Regular coffee beans have the typical flat-sided shape with two seeds per cherry.
    • Flavor: Regular beans can vary widely in flavor based on their variety, growing conditions, and processing methods. They may exhibit a range of flavors from nutty to fruity, chocolaty, or earthy.
    • Roasting: Regular beans are roasted according to their specific characteristics, aiming for the desired flavor profile.
    • Commonness: Regular beans are more common and make up the majority of coffee production.

In summary, Peaberry beans stand out due to their unique shape and often offer a delightful flavor experience. Regular beans, on the other hand, come in various shapes and flavors, making them the standard choice for most coffee blends. Both have their own charm, and coffee enthusiasts appreciate the diversity they bring to the world of coffee! ☕🌱

Where is Koa Coffee grown?

Koa coffee is grown in Hawaii on the Kona coffee belt. This is an area in Hawaii situated on the slopes of 2 volcanoes; Hualalai and Mauna Loa, at an elevation ranging from 500-3000 feet. The Kona region is one of the best growing regions in the world, with near-perfect growing conditions; in fertile, mineral-rich volcanic earth and with weather that is ideal for growing coffee. It is no wonder the coffee that comes from here is such high quality!

At Koa Coffee, the coffee beans are all picked by hand only when the beans are cherry red (ripe) and then processed. They are then roasted with the utmost attention to produce a unique coffee that has a delicate, yet rich flavor and aroma. Koa Coffee also cups every roast to ensure the taste is perfect.

Photo showing coffee cherries at different stages of ripeness

When buying Kona coffee you always need to check the label to ensure that you are buying 100% pure Kona coffee and not a blend. A lot of companies market their Kona blend as Kona coffee when it only contains a small amount (maybe 10%) of Kona coffee mixed with cheaper beans. Koa Coffee uses only 100% pure Kona coffee.

How does Koa Coffee Taste?

Koa Coffee, sourced from the volcanic slopes of Hawaii’s Kona region, offers a taste experience that stands out among coffee connoisseurs. Let’s explore how it tantalizes the taste buds:

Koa Coffee tastes like a smooth blend of the simple yet sweet and shallow taste of a melon. Imagine the velvety texture of this full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee, accompanied by a hint of fruity aroma. It’s like a Hawaiian sunrise in your cup—rich, aromatic, and utterly delightful.

The acidity in Koa Coffee is lower than in many other coffees, making it lighter on your body but delivering a flavorful punch for your mind. Whether you’re sipping it in the morning or indulging in an afternoon pick-me-up, Koa Coffee embodies the true spirit of Aloha. ☕🌺 123

What are the different Coffees available with Koa Coffee?

Certainly! Koa Coffee offers a delightful selection of Hawaiian coffees, each with its own unique flavor profile. Here are the different types available:

  1. Grande Domaine Kona Coffee: This rich, smooth coffee boasts a balanced flavor with minimal bitterness. It’s roasted to a Vienna level, slightly darker than medium. You can enjoy it as whole bean or ground coffee1.
  2. Private Reserve Kona Coffee: A secret blend of Kona Coffee, this one is a true gem. Its exquisite taste is a testament to the quality of Koa Coffee’s beans.
  3. Estate Kona Coffee: Grown at high elevation on a single Kona coffee farm, Estate Kona Coffee is a single-origin delight. Its unique flavor reflects the terroir of the Mauna Loa Volcano slopes.
  4. Peaberry Coffee: Koa Coffee also offers Peaberry coffee. Peaberries are unique, round coffee beans that result from a natural mutation. They have a distinct flavor and are highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts.
  5. Swiss Water Decaf Kona Coffee: For those who prefer decaffeinated options, Koa Coffee provides a Swiss Water Process decaf version of their Kona Coffee.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply appreciate a great cup of joe, Koa Coffee’s offerings are sure to delight your taste buds! 🌺☕

For more details, you can explore their website: Koa Coffee.


Koa Coffee Featured Products

Certainly! Let’s explore some of the featured products from Koa Coffee, where the true taste of Aloha awaits:

  1. Private Reserve Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Ka’u Coffee:
    • Price: $33.00 – $65.00
    • Description: This premium coffee is sourced from the Ka’u region of Hawaii. Expect a smooth and flavorful cup with a touch of Hawaiian magic.
  2. Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack:
    • Price: $113.00 – $219.00
    • Description: A trio of Kona Coffee blends, perfect for those who appreciate variety. Enjoy the rich flavors of Kona in different roasts.
  3. Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack:
    • Price: $113.00 – $219.00
    • Description: For those who prefer a bolder flavor, this tri-pack offers Kona Coffee in dark roast. Experience the depth and intensity.
  4. Kona Panama Geisha Blend – Limited Release:
    • Price: $50.00
    • Description: A special blend that combines the best of Kona Coffee with the unique flavors of Panama Geisha beans. Limited availability, so savor it while you can!

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply seeking a taste of Aloha, Koa Coffee delivers exceptional quality and freshness. Explore their range and enjoy the true essence of Hawaiian coffee! ☕🌺 123

Grande Domaine Kona Coffee

Grande Domaine Kona has gained notoriety by being selected as a Kona Coffee Cupping Contest Winner for outstanding quality and balance. This coffee will spoil you for any other. A cup of oh-my-gosh sent directly from Hawaii to your door, with Aloha! Roasted to a perfect Vienna roast.

  • This is a rich, smooth, balanced coffee with little bitterness. It is only available as a Vienna roast- so is a little darker than medium.
  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee
  • Selected as a Kona Coffee Cupping Contest winner

Grande Domain Kona Coffee

Private Reserve Kona Coffee

Private Reserve Kona Coffee is a proprietary blend of 100% Kona Coffee beans exclusive to Koa Coffee. Which really means it’s our secret blend. A combination of Kona grades that is loved and enjoyed by our customers. Consistently one of our top sellers, it’s available in both medium and dark roast.

  • A secret blend of Kona Coffee
  • Available in a medium or dark roast
  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee

Private Reserve Kona Coffee

Estate Kona Coffee

Estate Kona Coffee is a specific term that means you are getting Kona Coffee that is the product of one Kona Coffee farm, never mixed with crops from other farms. Our Estate Kona is from a high elevation, single estate farm, and a classic taste of Hawaii. Perfectly roasted to your choice of medium or dark roast.

  • This is a single-origin coffee (from one Kona coffee farm) that is grown at high elevation
  • Available in a medium or dark roast
  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee
Estate Kona Coffee

Peaberry Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs have dubbed Peaberry the “Champagne of Coffee.” It’s a smooth and full-bodied cup, with just a touch of sass. Of every 100 bags of Kona Coffee harvested, only 3-5 bags will be Peaberry. Rare, simply because nature makes it so. Enjoy the rarest coffee of all.

Koa Coffee also has a Peaberry coffee available. The Peaberry is a rare coffee bean that has a unique shape, having only 1 single oval-shaped bean instead of 2 flat beans. This is caused by a rare mutation in the coffee bean. About 3-5% of beans are Peaberries and the resulting coffee produced by them has a light, fruity flavor, similar in flavor profile to a light roast. Given the rarity of Peaberries, this roast is often out of stock. However, we highly recommend giving it a try if you can get your hands on it. It isn’t labeled the ‘Champagne of Kona’ for no reason!

  • Available in a medium or dark roast
  • Only available in whole bean

Peaberry Kona Coffee

Swiss Water Decaf Kona Coffee

The Swiss Water Process is the only method that is completely chemical-free. If you prefer your coffee processed with as few chemicals as possible, you’ll be happy to know our decaffeinated Kona Coffee is Swiss Water Decaffeinated. Some of our customers mix our Decaf Kona half-and-half with regular Kona Coffee to reduce caffeine. Great for after dinner if caffeine affects your sleep.

Koa coffee also has a decaf blend available. Koa Coffee uses the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate their coffee. This method is completely chemical-free.

  • Available in a medium roast
  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee
Decaf Kona Coffee

Koa Coffee Customer reviews


Why is KOA Coffee so Expensive?

Kona coffee is expensive because it is produced in small amounts but is highly desired. Kona coffee beans are one of the only types grown in the United States and this temperamental tree only produces 1% of the world’s coffee supply. The availability and demand for this delicious cup of joe partly explain why Kona coffee is so pricey. Harvesting Kona coffee is also expensive because it is handpicked by farmers pretty much all year.

Kona Panama Geisha Blend Coffee

Where to buy Koa Coffee

You can buy Koa Coffee directly from their website koacoffee.com or from Amazon.com


If you’ve been in the coffee scene for a while you may have heard whispers and rumours about Kona Coffee. Kona coffee is produced out of Hawaii, and interestingly is the only coffee produced by the USA.  This much sought-after coffee has been given the accolade of being some of the finest coffee beans in the world! And if you haven’t already tried Kona Coffee we highly recommend giving it a go!

We are excited to introduce you to Koa Coffee, a company that grows and roasts 100% Kona coffee. Koa Coffee is a well-reputed brand that has been around since 1997 and is committed to producing premium coffee beans and celebrating their unique flavors.

KOA Coffee Pros and Cons

Koa Coffee, sourced from the volcanic slopes of Hawaii’s Kona region, is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. Let’s explore the pros and cons of this delightful coffee:


  1. High Quality Coffee Beans: Koa Coffee offers 100% Kona coffee with a sweet, mellow flavor. The beans are handpicked when ripe, ensuring top-notch quality.
  2. Named America’s Best Tasting Coffee: Forbes recognizes Koa Coffee as America’s Best Tasting Coffee.
  3. Rich and Smooth Flavors: Koa Coffee has a smooth blend with hints of sweetness, reminiscent of melon. Its velvety texture and prominent aroma make it a delightful choice.
  4. Variety of Options: Koa Coffee provides different blends, including the popular Grande Domaine Kona Coffee.


  1. Expensive: Koa Coffee is a premium product, which is reflected in its price. If you’re budget-conscious, it might be a splurge.
  2. Limited Availability: Due to its exclusive nature, Koa Coffee may not be widely available everywhere.

In summary, Koa Coffee offers a taste adventure with rich flavors and a touch of Hawaiian magic. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or seeking a special treat, Koa Coffee is worth exploring! ☕🌺





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Where to buy Koa Coffee Best Price?

If you’re eager to savor the rich flavors of Koa Coffee, you’re in for a treat! Here are some options for purchasing this premium Hawaiian coffee:

  1. Koa Coffee Official Website: The best way to experience the true taste of Aloha is by ordering directly from Koa Coffee. They offer a range of exquisite coffees, including their award-winning 100% Kona Coffee grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa Volcano. From the smooth Grande Domaine Kona Coffee to the unique Mokka beans of Maui, Koa Coffee delivers quality and freshness with every cup.


2. Amazon: If you prefer the convenience of Amazon, look for Koa Coffee labeled as “farm direct.” This ensures that your coffee is roasted after you place your order, maintaining its freshness2.

3. Whole Foods Market: Check your local Whole Foods Market for Maui Coffee 100% Kona Coffee. It’s a great option if you want to explore Koa Coffee in person3.

4. Hawaii Coffee Company: The Hawaii Coffee Company offers a selection of Kona coffees, including Royal Kona Coffee Private Reserve Medium Roast and Lion Coffee Hawaiian Lion 24k Gold Roast—both made from 100% Kona beans4.

Remember, wherever you choose to buy Koa Coffee, you’re indulging in a piece of Hawaiian paradise with every sip! ☕🌺

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koa coffee sale

 This is the coffee Forbes called Best in America!




KOA Coffee Reviews


Premium Kona Coffee


100% Kona Coffee


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  • High quality coffee beans
  • Named America’s Best Tasting Coffee
  • Rich and Smooth Flavors
  • Variety of Options


  • Expensive
  • Limited Availability