Refurbished Jura J80 Matte Black

Refurbished Jura J80 Matte Black

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The Refurbished Jura J80 espresso machine can be described in two words: Sophisticated and sleek. It incorporates a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display that uses color, text and graphics to simplify the specialty coffee brewing process. Use the operating buttons by the TFT screen display to select your beverage of choice and watch the Jura J80 espresso machine whir into action. Within minutes, you’ll be sipping your favorite specialty coffee drink.

Key Features of the Refurbished Jura J80

  • Choose between multiple strengths and serving sizes, three temperature levels for hot water and two coffee brewing temperatures.
  • Compatible with Jura Thermal milk containers and Cool Control milk coolers.
  • A conical burr coffee grinder has variable fineness adjustment and the 15-bar power pump makes delicious, high-pressure brewed coffee.
  • Smart monitors indicate when water or beans need to be added; automatic cleaning function.
  • Matte black finish.

Optimal Operation

The refurbished Jura J80 espresso machine’s TFT display and rotary dial let you brew specialty coffee like the pros. Make your selections on the touch screen and dial, brewing café quality coffee in your own home, all at the touch of a button.

Jura TFT Screen w/ Rotary Selection

Commitment to Quality 

The adjustable spout allows you to dispense cappuccino in a small cup or latte macchiato in a tall glass. Select the button to adjust the height up to six inches tall for the perfect pour.

Jura Adjustable Spout

Phenomenal Foam

Top off your specialty coffee with milk foam. The Jura J80 incorporates fine foam technology to create the perfect fine, feather-light milk foam to add the finishing touch to a cup of specialty coffee.

Jura Fine Foam

Outstanding Aesthetics

You’ll want to leave this refurbished Jura J80 espresso machine on the counter. The Swiss-made machine was manufactured with premium parts with a matte black finish.

Jura J9.3 Chrome Plated

Refurbished Jura J80 Specifications:

  • 15 bar power pump delivers delicious, high-pressure brewed coffee every time
  • Integrated conical burr coffee grinder with variable fineness adjustment
  • Programmable strength, can grind from 5 to 16 grams per serving, 5 levels of choice
  • Programmable serving size
  • 9 oz. bean hopper with air tight aroma preservation cover
  • Automatic funnel system accommodates pre-ground coffee, allows you to use ground coffee instead of beans
  • Large 73 oz. water tank
  • Clearyl water filtration, removes chlorine, calcium and other impurities for better tasting coffee and extended machine life
  • Three temperature levels of hot water; for tea, cup warming or café Americano
  • Two programmable coffee brewing temperatures
  • Fast heating 1450 watt stainless steel lined thermo-block can handle continuous use
  • Compatible with Jura Thermal milk containers and Cool Control milk coolers.
  • Smart monitors tell you when to add water, fill beans, empty used coffee empty drip tray and when to replace water filter
  • Elegant black finish
  • Automatic cleaning function
  • 1450 watts with Energy Save Mode and Zero Energy Switch
  • Dimensions: 11.2″ Wide, 13.5″ High, 17″ Deep – 24 pounds
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in Switzerland

Refurbished Jura J80 Matte Black

Refurbished Jura J80 Customer Review

Best Coffee Machine
I highly recommend getting a machine from 1st in Coffee. The coffee it makes is amazing. The machine looks new and is really easy to use. The flavor is amazing!

Bought it for my daughter
Bought it for my daughter for a wedding present they’re in love with it we already have one and my sister-in-law is the one that turned us onto Jura, her name is Jan Fillion from San Diego.

The machine was just like
The machine was just like brand new. You wouldn’t know that it wasn’t new!
Love it.
Great buy!
I love by machine. I always look forward For my morning coffee

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