Refurbished Jura Z8 Reviews + Save $1300 OFF!

Refurbished Jura Z8 Reviews

Refurbished Jura Z8 Reviews + $1300 OFF

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Refurbished Jura Z8 Key Features:

The Factory Refurbished Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine revolutionizes the brewing process. From ristretto to flat white, this high-tech countertop espresso machine sets the standard for specialty coffee brewing. Impressive Swiss innovation perfects the brewing process, allowing the Jura Z8 to achieve the same standards as the best coffee bars in the world.


The Refurbished Jura Z8 coffee machine features:

  • The new Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) that optimizes extraction time by pressing water through the ground coffee in short bursts.
  • Aroma G3 grinder preserves the aroma while grinding to the optimal fineness
  • Fine Foam Technology – creates finely textured, long lasting milk foam for cappuccino and latte
  • The selection of 21 different specialties takes place intuitively, thanks to self-explanatory graphics on a high-resolution 4.3″ touchscreen color display.
  • Bluetooth compatible providing advanced control through the Jura App, J.O.E.
  • A state-of-the-art Clearyl Smart water filtration system that removes impurities like chlorine and calcium

Refurbished Jura Z8

State of the Art Brewing

Jura has a reputation for pushing the envelope and designing state-of-the-art machines that make it simple to be your own barista and the Z8 is no exception. In addition to the one-touch Americano function, the Z8 brews 21 different coffees, including espresso, ristretto, macchiato, cappuccino and flat white (and offers 16 programmable beverage options); it also dispenses hot water, milk and milk foam.

The Z8 boasts another high-tech tool. It’s Bluetooth compatible and equipped with Smart Connect, which allows you to connect to the Z8 wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet through the JOE (Jura Operating Experience) app. Making a great cup of specialty coffee has never been easier.


An unprecedented range of specialties


The Jura Z8 refurbished makes a statement for variety and choice. 16 different specialties can be selected simply by touching the start screen, and a total of 21 beverages are available via the Rotary Selection. What’s more, there’s still plenty of scope for coming up with personalized creations and names – let coffee fire the imagination.

Refurbished Jura Z8

Better Coffee, Faster

The refurbished Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine doesn’t just brew great coffee; it brews great coffee, fast. Program the machine to remember your favorite brews at the touch of a button; let two ThermoBlock heating systems prepare coffee and milk at the same time; embrace automatic switchover from milk to milk foam; and use the large color touchscreen to make it all happen. The AromaG3 grinder is twice as fast (and makes half as much noise) as conventional grinders.

Refurbished Jura Z8

Fantastic Features

All Jura z8 machines were designed with impressive Swiss innovation and the Z8 incorporates some of the most popular features.

The Pulse Extraction Process presses water through the ground coffee in short bursts to optimize extraction time; the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System dispenses heated water over ground coffee to release the flavors; and a CLEARYL smart filer removes impurities from tap water to maximize flavor. The refurbished Jura Z8 also has a variable brewing chamber to accommodate up to 16 grams of ground coffee and an active bean monitoring system to warn you when beans are low.

Refurbished Jura Z8

Focus on Foam

The Refurbished Jura Z8 switches from milk to milk foam automatically so you never have to think about the settings. It also offers the popular Jura fine foam technology that produces fine, feather-light milk foam to add the finishing touch to a cup of specialty coffee. The pre-programmed settings mean that your Z8 always knows that coffee, hot milk, and milk foam must be added in a precise order to make the perfect cup of coffee. All you have to do is press a button and wait for the perfect cup of specialty coffee to brew.

Refurbished Jura Z8

A Dream to Clean

Thanks to an exclusive two-compartment cleaning container included with the Jura Z8, cleaning the milk system is easier than ever.

Refurbished Jura Z8

Refurbished Jura Z8 Coffee Machine

Jura achieved another first: The Factory Refurbished Jura Z8 is the first automatic coffee machine to offer a once-touch Americano function. The special preparation method simultaneously combines coffee with hot water during preparation for a full-bodied, flavorful brew at the touch of a button. Not in the mood for an Americano? The Z8 prepares 21 other specialty coffee beverages; double heating systems and pumps allow simultaneous preparation of coffee and milk to ensure you never have to wait for your caffé latte. The Jura Z8 is also Bluetooth compatible providing advanced control through the Jura App, J.O.E.


  •   1500 Watts, 120 volts, 10 amps, UL
  •   Weight 29.5 pounds
  •   Dimensions: 12.6″ Wide x 15″ high x 17.7″ deep
  •   2-year Mfg. warranty
  •   Made in Switzerland


Refurbished Jura Z8 Customer Reviews


I love this machine

Review by Ashley G. 

I contemplated buying the Jura Z8 for almost one year and, when I finally was ready to pull the trigger, discovered it had been replaced by the Z10. Thank heavens it was available refurbished. I enjoy the flexibility of double boilers and discovering its bells and whistles. Is it like commuting in a Ferrari? Absolutely. Is it still expensive? Yes.Is it worth it? Without a doubt. I only wish I had bought one earlier!


I Love My Z8!

Review by Lori H. 

The Z8 is a great specialty coffee machine! I wanted a coffee machine that would make any coffee at the touch of a button because I’m not good at frothing the milk and I favor Cappuccino’s, Latte’s, Macchiato’s, etc. I had a Delonghi and it was hit-and-miss on the froth. I love, love , love this machine! I am currently playing around with the programming and ordered some syrups to make fancy Carmel Macchiatos and other flavored coffees. It makes about everything including water for green and black tea which I also use, a jug of coffee, just milk, 1 or 2 coffees at a time. It does everything. It’s easy to clean. It tells you what to do so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

No more Starbucks for me! 1st in Coffee has been great! Nancy and James helped me a lot. I called and asked a lot of questions and they were great! I am thoroughly pleased!


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  • The new Pulse Extraction Process (PEP)
  • Aroma G3 grinder preserves
  • Fine Foam Technology
  • The selection of 21 different
  • Bluetooth compatible